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From Joakim Erdfelt <>
Subject [Update 1] Documentation for 1.0
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 06:18:32 GMT
I've added the appropriate outline as discussed here in the mailing list 
to svn.
The results of the new outline can be seen at 

Here's the current outline (in email form)



    * Welcome
    * License
    * Download
    * Quick Start

Users Guide

    * Browsing
    * Searching
    * WebDAV Features
    * Using Repository ...
          o As a Maven 2 repository
          o As a Maven 1 repository
          o As an Ivy repository
    * Deploying to Repository
          o Using Maven 2
          o Using Maven 1
          o Using Ant

System Admin Guide

    * Structure of Archiva
    * Installing
          o Installing Standalone
          o Installing on Jetty
          o Installing on Tomcat
          o Installing on Geronimo
    * Databases
          o Embedded Derby DB
          o External MySQL
          o External PostgreSQL
    * Security
          o Roles
          o Using LDAP
    * Runtime Configuration
          o Repositories
          o Proxy Connectors
          o Network Proxies
          o Consumers
    * Reports
    * WebDAV Server
    * Repository Synch


    * FAQ
    * Community
          o How to Contribute
          o Development Team
          o Mailing Lists
          o Issue Tracking
          o Subversion Repository
    * Building / Hacking
    * Java APIDoc (javadoc)
    * Source Cross Reference
    * Test Cross Reference


I've also stubbed out the various pages so that we can maximize the 
parallel documentation writing.

I'll take the following sections tomorrow...
 Installing Archiva on Jetty.
 Installing Archiva on Tomcat.
 Using Archiva on MySQL.
 Proxy Connectors.

Feel free to take any section / page / document / paragraph / sentence / 
word / punctuation that you want to :-)

- Joakim

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