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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Releasing 1.0-beta-3
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 11:51:52 GMT
Hi Everyone,

Time to prepare for another release again :-)

I've listed below the 1.0-beta-3 issues that were already resolved and 
those that are still open/in-progress..

1. Fixed/Resolved (we have a long list for this release.. many thanks to 
Joakim and for everyone who helped and contributed! :-) ):

* [MRM-543] - Versions (latest and release) wrong after regeneration of 
* [MRM-535] - metadata-updater is changing lastUpdating timestamp when 
it shouldn't
* [MRM-534] - Test failure in RepositoryContentConsumerUtilTest
* [MRM-533] - Checksum files (sha1/md5) are not kept up to date on 
maven-metadata.xml files.
* [MRM-529] - Accessing a newly added repository via webdav results to a 
404 error
* [MRM-528] - just-in-time consumption of repository changes
* [MRM-527] - Create tests for discovering deleted artifacts
* [MRM-525] - Typos on the hacking page
* [MRM-521] - No validation for the repository purge fields in repo config
* [MRM-519] - fail to resolve artifactId for libs that contain 
versionKeyword in artifactId, like "maven-test-plugin"
* [MRM-517] - Some maven 2 requests are treated as maven 1 requests
* [MRM-513] - Support remote repositories with passwords
* [MRM-510] - In Repository Browse, the first unique snapshot version 
clicked is getting persisted in the request resulting to 'version does 
not match' error
* [MRM-503] - Metadata files need Pragma:no-cache response header.
* [MRM-501] - Saving configuration fails through the webapp.
* [MRM-500] - Failure in PathUtilTest under windows because the test 
uses slashes in path but test File.separator in PathUtil
* [MRM-494] - leaving repository ID blank on the add repository page 
goes to the edit page where ID cannot be edited
* [MRM-493] - Downloaded artifacts are stored in incorrect 
archiva-managed repository
* [MRM-488] - properties in pom are not resolved (at least while browsing)
* [MRM-487] - pom version is not resolved
* [MRM-486] - Can not deploy artifact test.maven-arch:test-arch
* [MRM-482] - Saving a proxy connector after adding a new property 
results to HTTP 500 error
* [MRM-479] - metadata files in artifactId/version level are not updated 
during repository purge
* [MRM-477] - Missing ability to manage proxy order.
* [MRM-476] - ability to use file protocol using UNC path for Managed 
* [MRM-470] - Test failures in BytecodeIndexTest due to NPE in 
* [MRM-466] - NPE on DatabaseJob.execute()
* [MRM-461] - Warning message for non existent resources should include 
what resource it failed to locate.
* [MRM-444] - intermittent test failures on proxy
* [MRM-437] - admin editing of proxy connectors fails in multiple instances
* [MRM-432] - Proxy Connectors are unable to download artifacts with 
alpha numerical version numbers
* [MRM-428] - managed and remote repositories with same name causes problems
* [MRM-333] - Tomcat deployment of archiva results in unstable instance.
* [MRM-323] - Managed repo in archiva cannot be accessed thru direct 
webdav url even with valid credentials (Archiva deployed in Tomcat)
* [MRM-320] - ProxiedDavServer breaks update policy
* [MRM-243] - 507 Insufficient Storage when deploying artifact with webdav
* [MRM-205] - Undesirable Tomcat configuration for .jspf files
* [MRM-203] - Reports should be public, not an administration feature
* [MRM-202] - Change the top-left logo to be an Archiva logo that goes 
to the front page of the instance
* [MRM-128] - better handling of jar artifacts without a pom
* [MRM-37] - discover the deletion of artifacts

**Duplicate/Cannot Be Reproduced:
* [MRM-518] - Changing the internal repository directory has no effect
* [MRM-512] - Unable to convert null repository config to archiva 
* [MRM-489] - Repositories are read only even for repository managers
* [MRM-309] - relocated artifacts are not delivered

2. Open/In-Progress:

* [MRM-544] - Cleanup index of artifacts that are no longer in the 
* [MRM-540] - [regression] reports now show 0 results as a paged result 
that is empty
* [MRM-531] - Unable to download snapshots behind proxy with authentication
* [MRM-526] - cache-failure policy timeout should be easily configurable
* [MRM-520] - Proxy Connectors are not deleted with the deletion of a 
* [MRM-516] - Search results return results for all repositories, 
regardless of security.
* [MRM-511] - Maven IT 94 fails when using Archiva as a proxy
* [MRM-509] - Adding the same repository twice will be redirected to an 
Edit Repository page.
* [MRM-502] - Error 500 when searching an artifact by the checksum
* [MRM-492] - repository failures can present as a 404 from proxy
* [MRM-490] - add xwork exception handling pages for presentable error 
* [MRM-481] - Artifact requests with a extension fail with a 
404 Error
* [MRM-459] - prune the distributed dependencies
* [MRM-458] - the NOTICE file is overzealous in declaring dependencies
* [MRM-455] - Repository Browse not updated after repository purge 
although the database is updated during the purge
* [MRM-454] - Index not updated after repository purge
* [MRM-448] - validation for reports form
* [MRM-435] - need to review repository defaults
* [MRM-400] - tab appearance on view artifact page looks incorrect
* [MRM-398] - configure guest access by default for pre-configured 
* [MRM-396] - remove 'true' and 'false' from the descriptions on the 
repository admin page
* [MRM-265] - After removing a managed repository - Browse/Search still 
see it
* [MRM-204] - Request for Documentation answers
* [MRM-185] - revise logging granularity
* [MRM-141] - update design documentation

I am still working on MRM-265, and will try to finish it asap.

I'll be happy to do the release again, unless somebody wants to do it 
:-)     I'm thinking of preparing it this weekend, if everyone's okay 
with that..


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