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From "nicolas de loof" <>
Subject critical issue with 1.0-beta-2 !!!
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 15:19:17 GMT
I just installed beta-2 in replacement to my corporate repo.
I may had better tested it before :-(

requesting using maven1 an artifact with "-" in artifactID fails :

request for "maven/plugins/maven-test-plugin-1.8.2.jar"
in logs :
does not exist

The versionUtil.versionPatterns seems to grab too much tags as possible version.

I've patched it locally to remove "test[_.0-9]*" as possible version
pattern. Could we enhance this artifactId detection by ensuring ALL
tokens considered as version are valid versionElements ?

Something like this :
[- <artifactId-Element>]+ [- <versionElement>]+ [- <classifier>]?

In such case, for "maven-test-plugin-1.8.2", as "plugin" is not a
valid versionElement, "test" and "plugin" may have been added to the

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