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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Archiva 1.0-beta-2 Release Schedule
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 09:51:10 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I will prepare the release of Archiva 1.0-beta-2 on Sept. 15 (Saturday, 
my time). :-)

Below are the jira issues scheduled for this release, some of which will 
probably be moved to
the next beta release if it won't make it on Saturday.

1. Closed/Resolved:

* [MRM-144] - fix miscellaneous tasks listed in important TODO items
* [MRM-374] - Changes aren't saved when updating Archiva Managed 
Snapshot Repository
* [MRM-383] - Unable to add new file types for Repository Scanning
* [MRM-392] - pressing 'return' in the blacklist/whitelist form field 
submits whole form and validates, not pressing associated button
* [MRM-393] - Can't delete blacklist/whitelist pattern
* [MRM-407] - "Scanned" is always set to true even if unchecked in the 
Edit Repository page
* [MRM-408] - The mvn deploy:deploy-file command gives "Parent doesn't 
exist" in a fresh install
* [MRM-409] - No checking of invalid poms or artifacts during repository 
scanning resulting to some objects not being found on the database
* [MRM-436] - incorrect default cron expression for snapshots repository
* [MRM-438] - broken images in the download box on the artifact page
* [MRM-441] - removing a "remote repository" should not present the page 
about handling content
* [MRM-449] - improvement to the reports form group search
* [MRM-450] - change default label for repository ID report search to 
"All repositories" instead of ""
* [MRM-453] - Create missing tests for repository purge
* [MRM-456] - current configuration code is too likely to complain about 
multiple sources
* [MRM-457] - don't display the snapshot removal options in the 
repository list page if snapshots are not included
* [MRM-462] - separate configuration of managed repositories from remote 
* [MRM-463] - Metadata merging doesn't work.
* [MRM-465] - [Load Testing] When asking for pages that require the 
effective-pom in high load, app becomes unresponsive.
* [MRM-467] - 500 error when user requested the dependency tree for artifact
* [MRM-471] - Create a sample project that demonstrates how a component 
can be plugged into Archiva.
* [MRM-472] - Re-enabled metadata tests in archiva-proxy
* [MRM-473] - Fix the proxy code (and possibly the tests) to ensure 
proper merging of metadata.xml files.
* [MRM-474] - Create tests for non-snapshot metadata merging
* [MRM-475] - Create tests for snapshot metadata merging
* [MRM-496] - adding a proxy connector action is not working after 
repository changes

2. Open/In-Progress:

* [MRM-128] - better handling of jar artifacts without a pom
* [MRM-130] - improve search results page
* [MRM-153] - when used as a maven1 proxy, Archiva should handle 
relocation from maven2 poms
* [MRM-196] - paginate results
* [MRM-203] - Reports should be public, not an administration feature
* [MRM-211] - Cannot use Archiva to get Maven1 Plugins
* [MRM-243] - 507 Insufficient Storage when deploying artifact with webdav
* [MRM-308] - Maven1 requests are not served
* [MRM-309] - relocated artifacts are not delivered
* [MRM-320] - ProxiedDavServer breaks update policy
* [MRM-385] - Maven config docs refer to /proxy urls
* [MRM-398] - configure guest access by default for pre-configured 
* [MRM-428] - managed and remote repositories with same name causes problems
* [MRM-432] - Proxy Connectors are unable to download artifacts with 
alpha numerical version numbers
* [MRM-433] - Artifacts file types aren't take in account
* [MRM-435] - need to review repository defaults
* [MRM-437] - admin editing of proxy connectors fails in multiple instances
* [MRM-444] - intermittent test failures on proxy
* [MRM-458] - the NOTICE file is overzealous in declaring dependencies
* [MRM-459] - prune the distributed dependencies
* [MRM-460] - invalid cache policy



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