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From Brett Porter <>
Subject MRM-462 progress
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2007 13:46:38 GMT
I decided to use a branch for the configuration split since I thought  
it could be (at least partially) contentious, and is at least quite  
disruptive. I won't have a problem merging the lot down to trunk once  

Please review the changes if you are interested in it - I'm confident  
that the changes outside the webapp are solid since all the tests are  
passing again (I've added some coverage that was missing in archiva- 
configuration, the rest are much less consequential changes).

The next step is to change the webapp, and I'l be adding tests there  
to ensure that the functionality is working. This could take a little  

I'm worried at how much the implementation details of the  
configuration have leaked out throughout the application - something  
to review later on.


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