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From Brett Porter <>
Subject reporting & jasper reports
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 09:31:11 GMT
Hi all,

This is mainly for Deng and Teody as I've seen them working through  
the issue for reporting... I took a look at the latest patch and it's  
looking pretty good.

I did go to check about the jasper reports license, though, and it  
appears from the POM that it is LGPL.

Though it's not official (yet), we shouldn't be distributing it  
according to the ASF policy: 

So, I think we have 3 options if we continue to do this:
- put it in a separate module (and profile) that isn't distributed  
with continuum, but can be built manually and installed
- require the user to drop jasperreports into WEB-INF/lib (and  
gracefully fail if they don't)
- come up with a whiz-bang addon installer that can get them to  
confirm the license and grab the jasper stuff from the repository (a  
bit much for now :)

I'm thinking 1) is the best way to go, and provide a bland, default  
implementation of the reporting pages that doesn't use jasper (just a  
spit out a table of everything).



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