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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Archiva releases (Take 2)
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 11:06:19 GMT
Hi All,

We (Brett, Joakim and I) have segregated the issues in Jira to prep for 
the upcoming 1.0 release (finally! :-) ). Anyway, there'll be two beta 
releases first before 1.0.'s the plan (excerpted from Brett):
- finish all issues for 1.0-beta-1
- then move on to 1.0-beta-2 issues for the next release
- do a big bug bash to find the problems in it
- decide on these found bugs for 1.0-beta-3 or 1.0.x (known issues)

Btw, I'll prepare 1.0-beta-1 for release on August 6 (that'll be Monday 
my time), and this will include the following:
1. Resolved/Closed:
- MRM-290 (Ability to pre-configure the Jetty port in conf/plexus.xml)
- MRM-326 (Adding/Editing repositories doesn't have validation)
- MRM-425 (Search and Browse do not work for snapshots)
- MRM-426 (Search does not work for snapshots because of different 
version values in index and database when the snapshot version is unique)

2. In Progress/Open:
- MRM-143 (Improve error reporting on corrupt jars, poms, etc)
- MRM-275 (add "remove old snapshots" Scheduler)
- MRM-294 (Repository purge feature for snapshots)
- MRM-329 (The Reports link gives an HTTP 500)
- MRM-347 (Undefined ${appserver.home} and ${appserver.base})
- MRM-373 (Unable to delete the pre-configured example network proxy)
- MRM-412 (Add support for maven 1 (legacy) request to access a maven2 
(default layout) repo )
- MRM-428 (Managed and remote repositories with same name causes problems)
- MRM-429 (Find artifact does not work when the applet is disabled)
- MRM-430 (Archiva always writes to ~/.m2/archiva.xml)

Everyone okay with this? :)


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