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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Archiva now always writes to ~/.m2/archiva.xml
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 03:18:51 GMT
>From :

"When Archiva saves it's configuration, all configuration is stored to
a single file. The file chosen is by the following rules:

    * If ~/.m2/archiva.xml exists, it is saved there

    * Otherwise, it is saved to $ARCHIVA_BASE/conf/archiva.xml,
regardless of whether it previously existed. "

The latest code (r553963) always writes to ~/.m2/archiva.xml, even if
it did not exist, and completely ignores

Did something change?  I'm fairly sure I used to be able to customize
Archiva with conf/archiva.xml and keep everything out of my home

It's a bigger problem in a customized install of Archiva that has a
different list of config files.  In that situation, it picks up the
contents of the alternate config file, but always writes changes made
through the web UI to ~/.m2/archiva.xml.  When you re-start Archiva,
your changes are "lost" because they were not written to the correct

I think it needs to work as described, and write to the conf directory
in the absence of a ~/.m2/archiva.xml file.


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