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From "Teody Cue Jr." <>
Subject Re: [Reporting] UI via JasperReports
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 10:10:36 GMT
Hi Jo,

I played around with JasperReports today. I found out that we can put 
hyperlinks in the reports using: 

Where VAR_NAME is some property from the action. Integrated 
jasperreports-maven-plugin to archiva too. Nice little plugin that 
pre-compiles the .jrxml during compile phase.

I have a couple of questions though...
*Is there an issue for this in the JIRA already? If so, should I submit 
a patch every now and then even if it's not finish yet?

*jasperreports-maven-plugin assumes the .jrxml files are in 
src/main/jasper. But when running jetty:run from archiva-webapp, it 
looks for the .jasper file in src/main/webapp/... not in 
target/main/webapp/... Where should we put the .jrxml and .jasper files?

*With regards to pagination, can we put a crud <prev> and <next> links 
for now? I found a way to put those links there. But having something 
like google's result page <1><2><3>...<Last Page> will be a little

Will submit a patch in a day or two.


Maria Odea Ching wrote:
> I don't really know about its licensing though..
> -Deng
> Brett Porter wrote:
>> "Me too" - 2 years ago, I did both the html paging, and emailing pdfs 
>> of the same thing, plus letting people write their own reports to run.
>> how does the licensing fit these days?
>> On 19/07/2007, at 12:53 PM, Maria Odea Ching wrote:
>>> I had some experience with JasperReports and iReport. I'll be happy 
>>> to help out, though I may have to polish up on that. It's been 2 
>>> years since I last used it.
>>> -Deng
>>> Joakim Erdfelt wrote:
>>>> I'm about to integrate JasperReports into archiva for report 
>>>> presentation in archiva.
>>>> This will be a learning experience for me. I'd love to have some 
>>>> help with this effort.
>>>> Anyone here have any experience with JasperReports on webapps? 
>>>> (things like HTML output with paging)
>>>> - Joakim

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