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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Re: Suggestions/thoughts anyone? (MRM-426)
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 03:08:03 GMT
More chat logs..  :-)

<brett> I believe we should include all snapshots in the list, and point 
1.3-SNAPSHOT to the latest
<brett> we can get fancy later (maybe fold the list up under the 
1.3-SNAPSHOT heading)
<joakim> so .. (a) index all versions.  (b) store in db all versions.  
and (c) store in db *-SNAPSHOT of latest version.
<brett> (c) could be determined computationally, but yeah.
<joakim> true.
<joakim> deng, got that?
<deng> yep, got it ;-)
<joakim> brett, what about the download box in the browse view?
<joakim> leave it alone and just allow the timestamped version to have 
it's own download list?
<brett> joakim: yah, when you navigate to the SNAPSHOT, you should 
effectively end up at the latest timestamped one (unless there is a 
non-unique-versioned one)
<brett> it's just a pointer, not a view


Maria Odea Ching wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> We're trying to fix up 
> (handling unique version SNAPSHOTS). Comments were posted on jira and 
> there was also a discussion for this over the IRC, I've included the 
> chat logs below:
> <joakim> deng, that's a sticky situation.
> <joakim> the real question is .... should we show (in browse) each 
> snapshot version?
> <joakim> if so, then we need to do a hybrid approach.
> <deng> yeah, its pretty sticky :(
> <deng> i think there's another issue filed about the browse of each 
> snapshot verrsion
> <deng> MRM-425
> <joakim> add all poms with their versions as-is.  and also as the 
> generic -SNAPSHOT version.
> <joakim> that generic snapshot add needs to be the information of the 
> latest snapshot
> <joakim> and the 'download' link needs to show all snapshot versions.
> <joakim> err. that can be quite lengthy.   :-(
> <joakim> I think we need to bring this to the mailing list.
> <deng> okey dokey :) i'll send an email out for this in the dev list
> <joakim> we definately need to index all versions.  and store the poms 
> for all (in-pom) versions.
> <joakim> and the browse screen needs to show the available versions, 
> and make downloading of those versions possible.
> <joakim> but I think the pom information in the db will have to be 
> based on the in-pom version, not the filename.
> <wsmoak> I'd be happier to just see 1.3-SNAPSHOT in the list, linked 
> to the latest, and not every single one
> <joakim> the poms can change throughout a SNAPSHOT cycle.
> <joakim> that's what worries me.
> <deng> yeah, that's what i've been thinking too
> <wsmoak> it's not pretty when you search and get a bunch of 
> 20070711.1234567 in the list
> <wsmoak> off to the dev list, then :)
> <joakim> yup
> <joakim> there's bound to be at least 15 solutions for this.
> So any thoughts about this?
> Thanks,
> Deng

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