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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Repository purge (MRM-294 and MRM-275)
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 10:17:02 GMT

On 25/07/2007, at 7:50 PM, Maria Odea Ching wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm trying to fix up MRM-294, and I need your input/comments :-)

Cool, this will be a popular feature :)

> Should the configuration for the repository purge be for each  
> repository? If so, I think it can be consolidated with the  
> repository scanning schedule and set up as another consumer which  
> would be executed during repository scanning.

Definitely per repository for the configuration - and I think tying  
it to the scanning schedule and using a consumer makes the most  
sense, sure.

> I've also identified the fields which can be configured by the user  
> (from MRM-294 and MRM-275):
> 1. schedule of THE PURGE (this is the repo scanning schedule if per  
> repository)
> 2. timestamp basis of which snapshots will be deleted -- specific  
> date/timestamp (e.g. all builds older than 01/01/07) OR time based  
> (e.g. any builds order than 1 month)

I think only the latter option is needed here? Not sure when I'd use  
a specific date. Also - I'd like any artifacts that are not in active  
development to be deleted entirely (eg, 1.0-SNAPSHOT when 1.0 is  

> 3. artifact count to be retained

is this within the given version? ie, keep X builds of this snapshot.

> In the configuration page, the user can choose which criteria to  
> use for the repo purge (either #2 or #3 in the list above).
> Also for #2, I thought to provide the user the option to choose  
> from these:
> - specific date/timestamp
> - by # of months
> - by # of days
> - by # of years

I'd go simple here - maybe have anything older than X days OR keep Y  



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