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From Joakim Erdfelt <>
Subject [discussion] archiva-site & version specific documentation.
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 16:01:41 GMT
I'd like to get a discussion going on how to tackle the documentation 
present on the site.

:: Javadoc distribution and role ::

I'm a firm believer that the javadoc for a project should be versioned 
and always available, even for back versions.
If we use as a good 
example of this, you'll see that javadoc for version 2.1.1, 3.2, and 
SVN-Latest are all available online.

Course, this makes more sense with a library that gets reused, than a 

I'd like to make the top level aggregated javadoc be versioned into a 
neutral (stripped of alpha, beta, rc, SNAPSHOT, etc..) url path, but the 
actual generated javadoc contain the those stripped identifiers.

So, archiva-0.9 branch (0.9-alpha-3-SNAPSHOT) goes into
and archiva trunk (1.0-alpha-1-SNAPSHOT) goes into

I'd also like to get as many of the concept details into the javadoc, vs 
the site, just to maintain the version specific nature of the documentation.

The per module javadoc.jar files should still be generated and deployed 
for the benefit of the IDE users.

:: The archiva-site module ::

Ultimately, this module is really archiva version independent.

Should we try to move this module out of the tree into it's own top level?
Or should we just treat the one in trunk as the 'current' version that 
exists on ?

Should we have version specific documentation sections on the left hand 
navigation menu?
Or should we have basic menu options, with disambiguation portal pages 
to the specific versions?

Some documentation is not version specific, database setup, web 
container setup, purpose, configuration (to a limited degree),  getting 
started, FAQ, etc...

We can reference/link the latest released javadoc section for the 
details on that version.

Any comments?  Suggestion?  Hate Mail?  Silly Jokes?  Unrelated Arguments?

- Joakim Erdfelt
  Archiva Developer
  Alpaca Founding Member 

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