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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Let's release Archiva
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 02:54:51 GMT
On 4/11/07, Robert Simmons jr. Simmons <> wrote:

> A release would be great for the Archiva community and an easier sell to my
> boss.

Be warned that the releases we're talking about now are from trunk,
which has quite a list of known issues.  If you want it for direct
access to reasonably small Maven 2 repos, it's quite usable, but you
may want to wait for the work on the branch to stabilize before really
promoting it internally.  IOW, if you're doing a demo, be careful what
you click on and what you ask it to do. :)

> I wonder if there is the possibility of integrating the user and role
> management with standard J2EE user and role management (ie outside Archiva
> itself) The goal would be so that I could configure Archiva to use our
> company LDAP server for authentication and authorization. If Archiva had
> that and the ability to be configured with JBoss / Tomcat EASILY, it would
> rock.

Archiva's user management comes from the Plexus Redback project, so
this would be something to raise as a feature request over there [1].
If it's implemented, both Archiva and Continuum would inherit it as
they get the same webapp overlay.



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