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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: State of the Archiva (April 2007)
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 13:07:43 GMT
Mostly sounds good.

Firstly, all this stuff needs to become some sort of code  
documentation. I'm regularly hearing feedback that it's hard to find  
a way in to this stuff.

Comments inline...

On 11/04/2007, at 6:25 AM, Joakim Erdfelt wrote:

>   The role of archiva.xml configuration file has been changed from  
> being
>   the canonical source for 'configured' repositories, to being a  
> bootstrap
>   for configured repositories stored and maintained in the  
> database, and
>   the list of active consumers to use in the various stages of content
>   consumption. (more on that later)

I'd like to hear more on that, and the reason why. It sounds very  

>   The use of maven-artifact and maven-project has been removed as the
>   assumptions present in each (everything is for the purposes of a  
> build)
>   are inappropriate for archiva and jpox.  The new inbuilt  
> replacements
>   are more resilient to missing referenced data.

That seems more of a flaw in those libraries than anything. maven- 
artifact should not be build specific.

Maybe we need to look at using the reasons as impetus for change in  
maven 2.1? Duplicating that code seems like a long term maintenance  

Was it also removed from the proxying? I haven't had a chance to look  
yet, but that sounds like a lot of duplicated functionality.

>   The benefit of these stages is that it allows the content to be  
> found on
>   the filesystem and be made available to the users via the browse  
> interface
>   relatively quickly. (Takes about 6 minutes to scan all of ibiblio  
> this
> way)

 From scratch? Presumably when it's unchanged it's much faster?

>     c) Auto-Remove

what are these?

Thanks for putting this together Joakim. Looking forward to kicking  
the tires. Also, I'll have a closer look at the code - I'll hold off  
on that until its close to being ready for trunk though.


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