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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject New global repo observer/manager roles (Re: svn commit: r512961, r512963)
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2007 20:01:50 GMT
On 2/28/07, <> wrote:
> URL:
> Log:
> Add Global Repository Observer Role

> URL:
> Log:
> added a Global Repository Manager role

Thanks!  This is something I asked for a while back when I first
started playing with Archiva.  It was confusing that the admin account
could not see repositories by default, when over in Continuum admin
can do everything.

Is there a JIRA issue associated with this so it will show up in the
release notes?  Discussing or at least mentioning new features on the
dev list really helps everyone else keep up with changes.  Documenting
them helps even more. :)

With the latest Archiva built from source and running in Tomcat (since
I can't get it to start under Plexus,) I'm finding that admin can't
see *any* repos, even if I specifically grant the repo observer role.
So... is this working for anyone else?


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