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From "Nathan Beyer" <>
Subject reports page no longer working
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2007 20:28:35 GMT
In the latest trunk revisions, the reports page of the webapps seems
to have lost all functionality. It looks like there was a merge a
couple weeks ago that changed the contents of the reports.jsp [1].
Right now the page just lists all artifacts that have issues, but
doesn't list the actual reason.

I've debugged it enough to now that this bit of the page is the
problem from the current revision [2].

    <c:forEach items="${repor.results}" var="result">

There's no page variable "repor".

Are there any special plans for this page? I'd like to submit a
minimal patch, so that the reasons are at least printed and restore
this bit of functionality to a minimal state, but if there's already
something in the works, I'll just wait.




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