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From "Julien Chicoineau" <>
Subject Patches proposal for archiva-(reports-standard|proxy|configuration) test cases
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 15:43:38 GMT
Hi there,

I wanted to play with archiva, so I checked out the trunk, installed
connector and jta,
and ran 'mvn install'

It failed for me on test cases for, in order,
archiva-reports-standard, archiva-proxy and

You devs may already be aware of that, if that's the case, well, sorry
for the no-news I bring ;-) and please excuse my laziness in using
some googles... ;-)

Some info :
java.vm.version=R26.4.0-63-63688-1.4.2_11-20060626-2259-linux-ia32 JRockit(R)
(32bit jvm running on amd64 host)

It mainly seems to me test cases are a bit too lazy... ;-)

archiva-reports-standard :
AbstractChecksumArtifactReporterTestCase doesn't create checksums file
if target directory does already exists (mkdirs returns false) in
method 'writeChecksumFile()'

ChecksumArtifactReporterTest doesn't remove
archiva-reports-standard/src/test/repository/checksumTest after

archiva-proxy :
ProxyRequestHandlerTest doesn't delete target jar in
testGetInSecondProxiedRepoFirstFailsDisabledCacheFailure and
testGetWhenInBothProxiedReposFirstHasExpiredCacheFailure. Doesn't fail
at first 'mvn install', but failed when 'mvn install' is invoked
twice, without 'mvn clean' between.

archiva-configuration :
ArchivaConfigurationTest doesn't reset
'org.apache.maven.archiva.localRepository' system property in
testGetConfigurationSystemOverride, making testGetConfiguration fail.

Joined patch made at trunk level.

Hoping it will be useful.


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