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From Edwin Punzalan <>
Subject Re: jira cleanup - assignees
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 03:20:32 GMT
unassigned mine

Brett Porter wrote:
> I've cleaned my assignments in JIRA to the things I'm going to work on 
> short term. It'd be good if others could do the same so stuff that is 
> assigned is going to be done by them. Should I unassign all of these, 
> or are some in progress?
> Joakim:
> MRM-242     Major     Replace the proxy url of the Download link into 
> the absolute url     Joakim Erdfelt    
> Emmanuel:
> MRM-235     Major     Change button text to "Update Repository" on the 
> edit repository page     Emmanuel Venisse
> Jesse:
> MRM-168     Major     user registrationshould login and send to front 
> page     Jesse McConnell
> Edwin:
> MRM-14     Major     utilise repository relocation information to 
> update dependencies     Edwin Punzalan
> Hen:
> MRM-207     Major     POM error when indexing an m1 repository     
> Henri Yandell    
> MRM-208     Major     Javadoc error while indexing m1 repository     
> Henri Yandell
> Jason:
> MRM-220     Major     Guard against null groupIds in metadata during 
> conversion of legacy repositories     Jason van Zyl    
> MRM-218     Major     When converting legacy repositories create the 
> checksums for for metadata files     Jason van Zyl
> MRM-110     Major     Create a report on available Archetypes     
> Jason van Zyl                
> MRM-109     Major     Create a report on available plugins     Jason 
> van Zyl    
> John T:
> MRM-87     Major     Place a lockfile to prevent repository operations 
> when there is a long ongoing process     John Tolentino

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