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From Nicolas DE LOOF <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Archiva Logo
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 15:53:50 GMT

I like the idea of "pointing to one point", but the top-right looks too 
much like a fridge company logo for me

bottom-left for me is the cleaner : nice progressive effect on dots. 
Makes me think the way archiva expect artifact handling to be : clean,  
smooth, transparent. bottom-right has the same idea, but with a more 
rigid design. I like the "wave" effect that make the BL logo less 
'technical' IMHO.


Edwin Punzalan a écrit :
> top-right for me...
> arrow-heads pointing to one point are like mavens being pointed to one 
> repository.
> ^_^
> Brett Porter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We've had some logo proposals done up for Archiva that is consistent 
>> with the Maven and Continuum logos.
>> 4 proposals here:
>> (the final logo wouldn't have the background shading).
>> I won't start a vote just now - I'd just like to give this a couple 
>> of days to get general feedback, or if folks don't like any of them, 
>> or think some derivatives of one are needed. I'll look for a vote 
>> later this week.
>> Cheers,
>> Brett

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