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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r478496 - /maven/archiva/trunk/archiva-webapp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/jsp/decorators/default.jsp
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 20:58:16 GMT
I took a look at the username underlined, and it still wasn't  
sufficient. I agree with adding an extra link before log out like this.

I suggest "Edit Details" or "Edit Account" so it's in verb form like  

Actually, I've worked with a UI expert on the same thing in a past  
life who recommended putting all this information together, and using  
a separate link called "Edit Details". I think that's the way we  
should go.


On 25/11/2006, at 5:03 AM, Wendy Smoak wrote:

> On 11/23/06, Brett Porter <> wrote:
>> I agree that it is not entirely obvious in the nav bar (maybe it just
>> needs to be underlined? other suggestions?)
>> I think a Nav element is a bit much for this though, and it'd be good
>> to centralise all the user-account-bits in the top left.
> Currently, the navbar says:
>   Welcome, admin - Logout
> I suggest
>   Welcome, Full Name - Your Account - Logout
> and removing the menu option, which IMO is too prominent for this  
> function.
> -- 
> Wendy

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