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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: Proposal: apr-tools project
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2019 13:26:26 GMT
On 25 Jul 2019, at 14:26, Nick Kew <niq@apache.org> wrote:

> Would that be purely in C, or could it be a mix, perhaps including scripting languages?

Purely in C.

Exposing APR to other languages through something like swig also sounds useful, but that’s
not my goal here.

> First thought: harmless, but how useful is it?  Do you have evidence of a userbase who
> are insufficiently served by existing tools in a similar space?

Yes, me. :)

From time to time I need to safely manipulate an URL in a shell script, or I need to unescape
something in one type of encoding and reescape it in another, and deploying a sledgehammer
scripting language to do that little thing becomes tedious.

As for the dbd tool, a while back I had a need to read data out of mysql and write it to postgresql
(or other way around, don’t remember) and the native tools made this one major headache.
You needed to be on the same machine running as the same user as the database. For crying
out loud, why is this hard.

>> Second question is structure. Part of APR? Alongside APR?
> Either within APR or your external effort: IMHO it would be excessively bureaucratic
> to put it within the ASF but separate from APR.

What I meant was part of the apr package, or alongside the apr package (as apr-util is alongside
the apr package).


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