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From Rainer Jung <rainer.j...@kippdata.de>
Subject apr_pool_join() and APR_POOL_DEBUG
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2019 21:18:14 GMT
I had some need for using APR_POOL_DEBUG today and ran into a situation 
where pool lifetimes needed a hint using apr_pool_join(). That is all 
documented and fine, except that I was surprised to see, that 
apr_pool_join() doesn't work unless the application itself is also 
compiled with APR_POOL_DEBUG. I think that's not the intend, one should 
be able to replace the apr library against a debug one during lifetime.

So IMHO apr_pool_join() in apr has to be a noop function when 
APR_POOL_DEBUG is not defined, so that the function call is contained in 
the application.

Currently when the app is compiled without APR_POOL_DEBUG, then in apr.h 
we only have

#if APR_POOL_DEBUG || defined(DOXYGEN)

#ifdef apr_pool_join
#undef apr_pool_join
#define apr_pool_join(a,b)
#endif /* APR_POOL_DEBUG or DOXYGEN */

so apr_pool_join() would be an empty macro.

Other pool debug functions seem to share the same fate:

- apr_pool_owner_set()
- apr_pool_find()
- apr_pool_num_bytes()
- apr_pool_lock()
- and as mentioned apr_pool_join()

Any opinion on whether we should introduce empty implementations instead 
of empty macros for those all?



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