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From Michael <aixto...@felt.demon.nl>
Subject Re: -q64 flag - gets in the way
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2017 16:18:53 GMT
On 06/12/2017 17:06, William A Rowe Jr wrote:
> They trust the compiler to do the right things, so there is no special
> sauce added to apr-config. Respective build flags land in
> /usr/lib/apr-1/build/
> /usr/lib64/apr-1/build/
> So, that's one sort of workaround to your quandry. It's something we
> really didn't spend a lot of time designing around in 2001 and was left
> to individual distributors to solve as time went on.

I really do not like "lib|lib64" approaches - but if that is all there is:

Either package with -64 in the package name (and use, e.g, /opt/httpd64 
and /opt/httpd32 as prefixes,
then a "user" can set symbolic links - and - also only build against 
static apr and apr-util libraries.
Then they are not "installed" during run-time, only available on the 
packaging server.

When I get that far I'll let you know (if you are interested).


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