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From dzfancy <dzfa...@163.com>
Subject c/c++: using apache portable rumtime combined with openssl
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2017 11:33:10 GMT
Dear friends:
	I’m writing a linux/windows corss-platform software in c/c++ and using apache portable
runtime (APR) in socket communication ,but i run into a problem which i do not know how to
	I plan to make my software to support ssl/tls safety communication and decide to use openssl
library, after reading openssl api, i seems that  i can not using APR combined with openssl
at the same time, because openssl used objects(SSL*  BIO*) in socket communication api such
as  “SSL_read” “SSL_write”  “BIO_read” “BIO_read” are different from APR defined

	I notice that APR utility library 1.6 has already supported openssl  encryption/decryption,but
I can not find any api related to tls . I still want to use  APR to implement ssl/tls communication,could
someone give me any suggestion? 

	Sincerely yours

	Dezhi Wang
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