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From Noel Butler <noel.but...@ausics.net>
Subject Re: Time for APR 2.0?
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2015 23:53:57 GMT

> That's why I want us to extend cmake to do the unix build as well.

The biggest bitch I here from *nix/bsd system admins everywhere is
cmake, the largest bitch is people know how to use --with-foo --with-bar
now after decades, THEY, the people you expect to use your software,
have to learn it no longer works that way, I know of multinationals
change software because of cmake, I've seen a well known large
international issue a policy that they will remain on old unsupported
versions of mysql because they moved to cmake. 

autoconf et al, might be ol school, but every man, woman, and dog knows
and understands it, and its more than time proven, I've heard that cmake
is an in thing for windows stuff (I dont use any windaz anywhere in our
ops), but have you seen the stats on windows servers V *nix/bsd lately,
cmake may or may not be nicer for devs, but devs rarely manage any large
number of servers outside of their own build vm numbers, so I'd think
twice before changing unless you keep ol school as well. 

I for one, consider it a PITA as well, thats my opinion anyway. 

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