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From Helmut Tessarek <tessa...@evermeet.cx>
Subject Re: digest functions and validation - part 2
Date Fri, 09 May 2014 19:53:45 GMT
On 09.05.14 15:07 , Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> bcrypt has a smaller speed-up from normal CPUs to GPUs than 
> sha256crypt/sha512crypt. This means if you tune the rounds to make 
> bcrypt give you the same level of security as sha*crypt, bcrypt is 
> faster. For the normal login on a server, this is not really relevant 
> (100ms or 500ms, who cares). But in a web server, speed is very 
> relevant. You may need to do 10000s of password checks per second. You 
> cannot increase the number of rounds arbitrarily.

This is certainly true for Apache httpd, but Apache httpd is not the only
project that uses APR. The sha*crypt functions are basically a standard, are
they not?
Thus it would make sense to include them in APR.

Using them in htpasswd or httpd is another topic altogether, but I see your
point regarding performance.
I missed the fact that bcrypt has been available since APR-util 1.5.0, my bad.

> Therefore bcrypt is more secure than sha*crypt for web servers. I 
> don't see any reason to add a less secure algorithm. And I didn't 
> choose scrypt because I felt it was still rather new when I included 
> bcrypt support in apr.

Is scrypt planned for the future? I mean for APR? If yes, also for httpd?

> However, there is a contest for password hashing alorithms [1]. If 
> there is some winner, and after the winner has seen some scrunity from 
> cryptoanalysts, it may make sense to include that into apr.
> [1] https://password-hashing.net/

Too bad I didn't know about this earlier. Maybe I could have used my knowledge
from studying mathematics for once.
I know that cryptology is more than just math, but I also had a few
cryptography courses when I studied computer science.


P.S.: It seems that your mails are not queued by the mailing list server.

regards Helmut K. C. Tessarek
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   await thee at its end.

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