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On 21 Apr 2014, at 3:38 PM, Jeff Trawick <trawick@gmail.com> wrote:

> Let's bring this down to earth.  Do you to promote a 1.6.x branch/release soon-ish (e.g., within a month or so) and discuss what new features various developers are interested in promoting for 1.6.x, or do you just want to have the branch pick up changes steadily until 1.6.x gradually acquires different constituencies that want/need a feature relase?

Promote a v1.6.x soonish would be good for me. I have a need to teach the ap_expr parser how to escape LDAP in order to support the ability to handle arbitrary expressions in both of httpd's "require ldap-filter" and a proposed "require ldap-search".

Right now we support expressions in "require ldap-filter" but we don't have the ability to escape LDAP sequences, which limits the usefulness of the feature. mod_authnz_ldap had buried escaping in it that I missed when I tried to tease all the escaping code out of httpd, which was a pity.


IMHO as a httpd+apr dev:

* If httpd trunk switches to apr escape API to the extent practical and throws out its own implementation, and unreleased APR features are the natural way to accommodate that, I think that is ample justification for a new APR 1.x branch.  (Otherwise, continue to patch up the httpd escape API to support backporting to 2.4.x as necessary.)
* In httpd 2.4.x-land, I think everyone should try reasonably hard to avoid depending on newer and newer levels of APR for this or that feature.  For us it is a very minor detail but for users it is something else to stumble over in case their distro or their own prior efforts got them a level of APR which is generally ok.

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