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no showstoppers?


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@@ -82,12 +82,6 @@ Bundled with httpd:


-    * Verify that new features are:
-      + documented
-      + implemented across major platforms (if applicable)
-      + have at least minimal regression tests in place

Yeah, skip list rant :(

Adding this "showstopper" was probably questionable according to groupthink, but removing it was terrible judgement according to Jeffthink...  This perhaps unobvious reminder of the practice of documentation and regression tests didn't gain any visible interest in resolving the omissions, and the 1.5.0 cycle was going on and on, and I didn't choose to prioritize resolution of this over other things I might spend my time on or other issues I might feel the need as RM to nag about, so I failed.

The seemingly uninteresting acts of writing basic API documentation and testcases are important opportunities to think about appropriateness of interfaces and perhaps even notice questions in the code about the interfaces.  Going forward, I don't think there is any reason for new features in trunk to remain there any length of time without at least a rough sketch of documentation and example use in the form of testcases, and certainly new API features should not be merged to a stable branch without it.  I don't mean to pretend that every last interface is technically capable of being tested in the test suite or even that it is appropriate to require anything testable to be tested, but instead to point out that these widely accepted goals that are largely met by the existing codebase should not get a pass on any new features, that we shouldn't be in a position of providing new features which are barely consumable.

-    * Makefiles for MSVC


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