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Subj sez it all.

I've never been RM for APR but am willing to do this one...

I'm happy to take care of the RM work.

Some things I'm interested in checking on for 1.5.x:

* Compare 1.4.x<->1.5.x and see if anything was missed.  (I'm pretty sure that there are some .h fixes that skipped 1.5.x; dunno what else.)
* Add the cmake support.  (I purposefully skipped the 1.5.x branch when there was constant activity.)
* Put in a couple of fixes for Cygwin that somebody opened bugs for in the last week or so.
* Test MinGW static and shared builds in conjunction with APR-util 1.5.x.  (Should be okay; some fixes for shared never hit the 1.4.x branch, so it would be good to ensure this is finally working.)
* Check for anything whatsoever that could be merged from trunk and see what to do, as presumably there won't be another opportunity for a while.

It would be good for T&R to be no sooner than next Monday.

Wow, that was a long time ago.

I suspect that we're ready.  I'd love to  write some [at least skeletal] docs and testcases for skiplist but I don't have time, and I suppose that adding another test*.c file is asking for trouble on one platform or another.

Are there any known issues?  I'll try hard to T&R apr and apr-util tomorrow otherwise, or help then with any identified issues.

Any other thoughts on what to look at before T&R of the first 1.5.x release?

Born in Roswell... married an alien...

Born in Roswell... married an alien...