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From olli hauer <oha...@gmx.de>
Subject Issue with apr-1.5.0 on FreeBSD 10beta3
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 22:48:17 GMT

sorry for late response to apr-1.5.0 ...

I've done some tests with apr-1.5.0 on FreeBSD 10 (amd64)
and it seems there is an issue that breaks apache24.

With apr-1.5.0 apache22 works but apache24 is broken.
apache starts fine, nothing special in the logs or during
start with -X but no response is coming back.

apr/apr-util test:
apr-1.5.0: 	all tests passed [1]
apr-util-1.5.3:	all tests passed

working configurations (FreeBSD beta3 [1]
apache22-2.2.26	apr-1.4.8 apr-util-1.5.3
apache22-2.2.26	apr-1.5.0 apr-util-1.5.3
apache24-2.4.6	apr-1.4.8 apr-util-1.5.2
apache24-2.4.7	apr-1.4.8 apr-util-1.5.2
apache24-2.4.6	apr-1.4.8 apr-util-1.5.3
apache24-2.4.7	apr-1.4.8 apr-util-1.5.3

broken combinations:
apache24-2.4.6	apr-1.5.0 apr-util-1.5.3
apache24-2.4.7	apr-1.5.0 apr-util-1.5.3

All tests where done with MPM worker.

FreeBSD 8.4 (amd64) seems OK in all combinations
FreeBSD 9.2 (amd64) seems OK in all combinations

[1] FreeBSD 10 beta3 with iconv UTF7 patch r258316

Any hints where to start?


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