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From Rainer Jung <rainer.j...@kippdata.de>
Subject Re: Timetable for APR 1.5 release?
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 15:54:29 GMT
On 01.10.2013 14:26, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Some things I'm interested in checking on for 1.5.x:
> * Compare 1.4.x<->1.5.x and see if anything was missed.  (I'm pretty
> sure that there are some .h fixes that skipped 1.5.x; dunno what else.)

I did a comparison and reduced the delta. As far as I can see it is:

- No *.mak and *.dep files in 1.5.x, they exist in 1.4.x:

Only in 1.4.x: apr.dep
Only in 1.4.x: apr.mak
Only in 1.4.x/build: aprapp.dep
Only in 1.4.x/build: aprapp.mak
Only in 1.4.x/build: libaprapp.dep
Only in 1.4.x/build: libaprapp.mak
Only in 1.4.x: libapr.dep
Only in 1.4.x: libapr.mak



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