This is barely enough to run testapr.  For now it is intended only for Windows.  include/apr.hwc is just apr.hw with variables for APR_HAS_EXPAT|LIBXML2.  (And sorry about that mixed LF/CR-LF patch.)

I point to the latest Windows binary installs of libxml2 and expat like this:

set CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH=c:\Users\Trawick\libxml2-2.7.8.win32\lib;c:\Users\Trawick\Expat2.1.0\Bin;
set CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=c:\Users\Trawick\libxml2-2.7.8.win32\include;c:\Users\Trawick\Expat2.1.0\Source\lib

and I've only used the nmake backend (from a VS 2010 prompt).

I haven't actually tried very hard to use libxml2; the build I have seems to want a GNU iconv??  More work would be required to use that.

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