i complie apr and apr dbd oracle dirver. but when i use get driver. the programe return NOTIMPL

i complie apr using environment values DBD_LIST = mysql oracle pgsql sqlite2 sqlite3

can you tell me what's wrong.

On windows, selection of database drivers is via the environment values
DBD_LIST (for mysql, oracle, pgsql, sqlite2 and/or sqlite3) 
and DBM_LIST (db and/or gdbm).  DBD odbc and DBM sdbm are unconditionally
compiled and installed, do not include these in the list.

int main(int argc, const char * const argv[]){
apr_pool_t *pool;
    apr_status_t rv;
const apr_dbd_driver_t* driver = NULL;
//printf("%d", APR_HAVE_MODULAR_DSO);
apr_pool_create(&pool, NULL);
    rv = apr_dbd_init(pool);
    rv = apr_dbd_get_driver(pool, "oracle", &driver);
if(rv != APR_SUCCESS){
   char buffer[256] = { 0 };
       fprintf(stderr, "error: %s\n",
       apr_strerror(rv, buffer, sizeof(buffer)));