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From Joe Swatosh <joe.swat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Does APR_HAVE_LIMITS_H do anything on Dev Studio builds?
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 01:42:42 GMT

> I think what this means is that apr.h on Unix needed something from
> that file (presumably *_PATH_MAX) in order to work, but it wasn't
> needed on Windows.
> So you're left with a side effect (including that .h file) on Unix
> that doesn't exist on Windows.  Either way you have APR_HAVE_foo_H
> exported in case you need to use it.

I think you've nailed it. When I suggested #include'ing <limits.h> my
Unix using friends immediately asked "isn't that included by apr.h?" I
think we've been relying on the side effect. And in fact I just
reviewed my original thread with them and they've since decided that
we should add the <limits.h> include after all.

Thanks a million!


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