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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Re: apr_proc_detach and chdir
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 05:22:18 GMT
I agree with your review.  UNIX system daemon writing is well documented
in other manuals that startup in '/' is good programming practice for
the reason of dismounting file systems.  This is especially true of
initrd systems, temporary file systems, shared network maps, et. al.

Steven J. Hathaway

> On Friday 18 January 2013, Javier Castillo II wrote:
>> Looking into the code for apr_proc_detach(int daemonize), it
>> appears that chdir("/") is being run unconditionally.
>> Was there a specific reason that "/" is chosen?
>> I guess it's not much of a big deal, because you can chdir into the
>> directory it should be in after you detach, however, why is this
>> forced into the function to begin with?
> I guess that this is to avoid troubles when unmounting file systems.
> If the daemon would not change its working directory explicitly, the
> file system where it was started could not be unmounted until the
> daemon is killed. The assumption is probably that "/" will not need to
> be unmounted. And it is guaranteed to exist.
>> At the moment, I am fine with using getcwd and chdir to get back to
>> where I started, however it does seem counter-intuitive.
>> So, I am guessing that this is the expected practice when calling
>> this function, correct? Any insight would be great and any other
>> methods to use with this function to get around it would be
>> appreciated.
> Many daemons don't need a specific working directory, so it would seem
> quite likely that many daemon authors would not consider the
> unmounting problem and forget doing a chdir(). Therefore it makes
> sense to do it automatically.

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