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From Denis <read-and-th...@yandex.ru>
Subject Thank you for the great product - Apache Portable Runtime!
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 23:50:59 GMT
Good day, APR Development Team!

How are you, guys?
I hope that everything is well and you are busy planning new exciting features
for versions of APR to come :-)

I would like to thank you for the great product - APR makes development a
breeze and it is fun to use. Thoroughly thought through and well planned
libraries, with functions which you really need - and without a bloat of
unnecessary code.

I am using APR in 2 projects of mine, one is Apache module for my own website
and another is WebLog (http://read-and-think.org/weblog_en.html). I needed
something more powerful than logresolve :-) and webalizer did not give me
enough information about actual live users of each of my content pages, so I
came up with that program (and 3rd party analytics were out of question - my
website does not use cookies or JS, I even used GIMP to draw a logo for
that :-), and it is only piece of graphic on my page ...).

APR allows me easy and completely portable access to the sockets for DNS name
resolution, great and efficient access to hash functions and bucket brigades.
I easily compile my program for both Fedora and OpenBSD - thanks to APR.

The "memory pool" architecture is a dream came true for the C hobby
programmer. It makes my life so much easier and still gives me just enough of
power to mangle my memory structures, without shooting myself in the foot :-)

Also I do lots of memory allocation for Cairo out of APR pools - and it works
great, allowing me completely avoid any memory leaks.

On your projects page (http://apr.apache.org/projects.html) I noticed your
message about sending you a product name and a link, and decided to drop you a
line, just to say Hi and Thanks.

Once again, thank you!
Your great efforts to make programming world better for everyone is very much

Sincerely yours,
The Bible for command line people.

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