Nod - about where APR is going - dev@apr..., "new threads!"

this was about what to use with httpd today. And you answered that, if I understood correctly - package both httpd 2.2.X and httpd 2.4.X with apr-1.4.6 and apr-util-1.4.1 - because these "exist" officially.

Many thanks!

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 10:48 PM, Guenter Knauf <> wrote:
Hi Michael,
Am 19.09.2012 20:51, schrieb Michael Felt:

I have downloading an apr-1.5.X via SVN.
then you have the STATUS file which lists the details I post below inline ...

They are working on a release of apr-util-1.5.1. I may not have looked
correctly, but I do not see a release of apr-1.5.0.
yes, 1.5.0 was only tagged but not released - we moved forward due to some probs ...

I have built against these versions with no issues I have noticed for
httpd (make check for apr-util-1.5.1 is not perfect) - however, as a
packager I would "prefer" to be packaging against/with known release
then you have to wait until the APR folks either release 1.5.1, or ditch it and again move on to 1.5.2 ...

I shall package the current apr-1.5.0, but just call it "beta", and
apr-util once it is released.
no; then you would pack a version which was never released! The recent offical version is 1.4.1, and this will stay until we release something newer ...

see here for the current official releases:

please direct further discussion about APR/APU/API to the apr devel list ;-)

greets, GŁnter.