if testdbd is first, seems to have passed, but I shall try the -x option as soon as I get the development server turned on again.

If it is happening elsewhere, then maybe it is not just IBM's way of doing iconv.

It looks like a segmentation error after a pipe call to /bin/sh. I was thinking, once I know where to look, to do the iconv command manually and/or as a regular script and see if that tells me/i.e., you, anything useful to determine the cause.

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:48 AM, Guenter Knauf <fuankg@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Michael,
Am 20.09.2012 10:34, schrieb Guenter Knauf:

Am 20.09.2012 08:53, schrieb Michael Felt:
Yes, unfortunately? or fortunately!
hehe, I would say fortunately since that makes it no regression and
therefore your issue might not be something to hold back 1.5.1 ;-)
of course this doesnt mean that we shouldnt look into it; BTW. this test fails on NetWare too, so seems its a bit picky, whatever ...
best is that you exclude this test for now so that you can proceed with testing in order to see what else fails; testdbd did also fail, or?
then try:
aputest -x testdbd -x testxlate