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From Gregg Smith <...@gknw.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release apr-util 1.5.0
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 20:41:40 GMT
On 8/7/2012 12:49 PM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 August 2012, Jeff Trawick wrote:
>>> But if somebody else with a platform that is not Linux, AIX,
>>> Netware, or Windows wants to do some testing first, that would
>>> be appreciated. Maybe Solaris or FreeBSD, anyone?
>> BTW, did anyone test on Windows yet?
> Gregg and Steffen have thankfully responded to my mail from a few days
> ago and have reported that it compiles ok.
I retract mine as somewhere between reading the request and doing
it I lost the util part of the request so that was just apr-1.5
HEAD I tested.

I've now built apr-util from your win32 zip file and one thing I have 
on this source package (and 1.4.1) is there are no .mak files, which used
to be included in prior win32 packages (see 1.3.12 & prior). They are 
for those building with just an SDK (command line build).

1 warning
.\crypto\crypt_blowfish.c(894) : warning C4244: '=' : conversion from
'unsigned long' to 'char', possible loss of data

crypto drivers:

There are no /I includes to tell the compiler where to find the headers or
paths to the libs, so either we have to copy all this stuff for both nss 
openssl into the include and non-existent (yet) Release folder first or
manually add something in. I think it would be better to code these in to
look for these as so.

  |-apr (must be here)
  |-apr-iconv (must be here)
  |-nss (propose looking for it here)
  |-openssl (propose looking for it here)

Why not, the build expects to find apr & apr-util side by side like so, so
why not tell it to look for nss and openssl side by side as well. This would
also work well for httpd where it would all be in srclib with everything

On Windows, when building nss the nspr4 lib is named libnspr4.lib, not
nspr4.lib as is in the project file (apr_crypto_nss.dsp)

The x64 projects for both nss & openssl drivers crash the compiler on 
both VC9 &
VC10 (I have no idea why).

I have a single patch (attached) to deal with all these issues. This is 
same in
apr-util 1.4.1 and patch should work for both 1.4.x & 1.5.x

After patching these two projects the crypto drivers build just fine on
both x86 & x64.



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