I made a small typo, "a static library (libapr.so)" should have been "a shared library (libapr.so)".

The problem thus is that the c6x compiler will not allow me to generate shared libraries I have compared the .libs folder for a
build with an ARM processor and for the build with the c6x processor, but the shared library is missing in the last case.

I can understand that the issue might not lie with APR but with the c6x compiler, however I'm unsure if this is really the case.


2012/5/9 Philip Martin <philip@codematters.co.uk>
Jonathan Melissant <jonathanmelissant@gmail.com> writes:

> next, APR does not generate a static library (libapr.so file) but only a
> static library (libapr.la). I have tried everything to change this but all
> tries were unsuccesfull.

libapr.la is not a static library, it is a libtool library file.  The
static and shared libraries are located in .libs in the build tree.