Hi Jeff, 

Thanks for your response. Im also having one more error with this structure:

struct iovec
    void *iov_base;
    size_t iov_len;

Its weird because, the preprocessor definition APR_WANT_IOVEC is not defined in the project, and in all the projects that I use and uses apr (log4cxx, activemqcpp...). I'd added a personal preprocessor definition and now it compiles, but, could cause any problem?


2011/10/18 Jeff Trawick <trawick@gmail.com>
On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 9:26 AM, Oscar Pernas <oscar@pernas.es> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using apr in a process that uses CORBA TAO, for communications. My
> problem is that TAO and APR has the same redefinition of a variable.
> In apr.h i can see:
> typedef int uid_t ;
> typedef int pid_t;
> typedef int gid_t;
> However in TAO I could see:
> typedef long uid_t
> typedef long pid_t
> Im in Win32 and Win64 platform. I've commented it in apr source and library
> compiles well, Could I have any problem? What would be the best solution?

I think that's the best solution for now.  APR doesn't actually need
to define uid_t for its own purposes.

That general issue -- defining Unix types -- should be be fixed in the
next major (i.e., not binary compatible) release.  In cases other than
uid_t there may be other fallout to handle.  For example, apr_proc_t
uses (requires) pid_t.

According to our API compatibility rules, something equivalent to

typedef whatever uid_t

could be provided with apr 1.5.x.  That would be worthwhile if the fix
could be near-complete.  (I dunno the complete fallout.)

Óscar Pernas Plaza.