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From Peter Odding <pe...@peterodding.com>
Subject Re: how to build APR with VS 2010
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 14:18:46 GMT
>>> Is there an update to http://apr.apache.org/compiling_win32.html that
>>> applies to VS 2010,
>>> or some other source of info for how to build APR with VS2010? I'm
>>> trying to build APR,
>>> but so far without luck. Here's the output I get using nmake:
>>> C:\Users\jon\Desktop\apr\apr-util-1.3.12>nmake /f aprutil.mak
>> I don't see nmake on that page. And it does need a refresh.
>> Please see Makefile.win in your apr-util directory.
> Thanks - I've looked at Makefile.win in apr-util and tried again with
> the following result:
> ...
> NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make '"apr.h"'
> Stop.
> ...
> I can't tell what path it's complaining about not being able to find,
> but explicitly specifying the AP[R|I|U]_PATHs doesn't change the result
> . Also, the apr.h file does not exist in apr/include so I'm wondering if
> I first need to invoke something akin to configure on *nix systems, to
> generate it.

I think the make files are just broken. Here's how I build APR and 
APR-Util on Windows XP using the Windows Platform SDK:


See specifically the following lines (executed BEFORE building anything):

   :: I haven't a clue why this is needed, but it certainly helps :-)
   TYPE apr\include\apr.hw > apr\apr.h
   TYPE apr\include\apr.hw > apr\include\apr.h

  - Peter

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