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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Portable Runtime on 64-Bit Windows Platforms
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 14:57:48 GMT
On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 10:18 AM, sidinsd <sid.schipper@ga.com> wrote:
> I wanted to Thank the people who replied to me, but I also wanted to follow
> the guidelines of the Forum, which said not to post "Thank You", but to rate
> the posts instead with a high rating, 4 or 5 stars. But when I tried to do
> that, the system didn't seem to take my new rating seriously. It showed me
> the rating temporarily, but then the rating reverted back to what it was
> before. So, this post is meant, first of all, to thank all the people who
> replied to my first post, and secondly to enlist the help of people who are
> more knowledgable than me about the Forum. How do you change a post's
> rating?

Please note that the real discussion group is the dev@apr.apache.org
mailing list*, and the forum interface you're using is meaningless to
most of us (at least to the apr developers following the mailing

And feel free to say "thanks" if that is your preference.  Nabble's
"guidelines of the Forum" mean nothing for this hijacked (or
wrappered) content.


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