On Wed, 2011-05-18 at 00:07 +0200, Rainer Jung wrote:
Thanks for the report. Would you mind opening an issues in Bugzilla? You
can choose the Tomcat project and Tomcat Connectors as a component. If
it turns out as an APR bug, we can move the issue there later.

It would be very helpful, if you could provide thread stacks using
pstack or gdb. Please provide a couple of such threads stack outputs.

Furthermore, if your MPM is worker, not prefork, it would be helpful if
you could check using ps, which of the threads in the process actually
consume the CPU. I'm not sure about FreeBSD ps flags, but -H -p ...
could be right. This helps us select out the right thread stack.



I can recompile apache to prefork if it will make debugging easier (fyi, problem occurs with both worker and prefork MPMs) . Some help with the actual debugging would be appreciated, i can use GDB but i don’t know how to preform the debugging process.