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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: apr_fnmatch deltas
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 05:20:49 GMT
On 5/2/2011 6:24 PM, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> BTW, checked performance against previous version?

For 1:1 testing of the patterns that exist in test/testfnmatch.c,
100,000 iterations here on my box, 8626494 usec for the new vs.
3674210 usec for the previous.

This seems consistent with the retests of null, /, \/ in pattern
which are repeated all to frequently; this should be able to be
simplified with the use of a couple cautiously placed gotos and
some code coverage analysis (necessary to ensure we hit the entire
pattern space in our test patterns).  Also the fact that there is
so little recursion in the test cases, and so few calls to match
very common "*.txt" style patterns, which the new code should beat
the old hands down as trailing length is worked out, and we are
not redundantly testing failed pattern spaces.

The code is designed to move fairly painlessly to MBCS encodings.
This incurs a design penalty in speed, although not nearly as bad
as it will be once mbr*() calls are used in place of bytewise
comparisons to advance characters, particularly for case insensitive

Two things would radically affect the speed, which I am unsure
offhand what msvc did 10 yrs ago, inline expansion of **pattern
to &*pattern (it is an alias reference which should not be double
de-referenced), and aliasing all of the setup (slash in fnmatch_ch
is slash in fnmatch).  If the compiler is smart, there should be
no penalty for inlining the code as a function; if it is not, we
may want to consider duplicating [at least some of] the code (it
is invoked in two places, one for counting the trailing pattern
following a wildcard, one for performing the match).

I'm rather more curious how it compares to real world BSD and Linux
implementations today using SBCS "C" locale... as committed, as well
as integrating fnmatch_ch() into the mainline code.  I will pull out
the test patterns and test them against the BSD port (posted in
p.a.o/~wrowe/ space) when some free time returns, I have some work-
work I have to complete first.

If anyone wants to spend cycles, the best place to start is to make
a test suite list that corresponds to the real world, and clocks it
in cpu spin instead of world clock time.  This also needs various
flavors of range tests and false ranges (for which the old code
disagreed with the modern fnmatch implementations).

In any case, this closes a real world flaw, so I'd have no issue
going with it for now as a correctness release once reviewers are
satisfied, with more optimization work in the near term for the next

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