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From Guenter Knauf <fua...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Vote] Release apr-util 1.3.11
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2011 23:45:43 GMT
Am 28.04.2011 11:24, schrieb Rainer Jung:
> On Sparc I use gcc 4.1.2. All builds are 32 Bit.
> Concerning the hangs (unterminated loops in my case), I did some more
> investigation for 1.3.10 and confirmed using GDB, that there actually
> was a cycle in the cleanups:
> (gdb) print c
> $1 = (cleanup_t *) 0x38558
> (gdb) print *c
> $2 = {next = 0x38558, data = 0x38558, plain_cleanup_fn = 0x38710,
> child_cleanup_fn = 0x38798}
> so c == c->next and thus apr_pool_cleanup_kill looped.
> I didn't check, whether that was still true for 1.3.11. I don't know why
> c == c->next.
> Concerning gcc: I use the same gcc for building on Solaris 8 and on
> Solaris 10, even the same binary gcc files. I never observed a problem
> on the single CPU Sparc 8 system, but did observer problems on Solaris
> 10 for 1.3.10 and for 1.3.11. Apart from the OS version the other major
> difference is concurrency in hardware (used Niagara CPU with 6 or 8
> cores and 4 times the number of strands when testing 1.3.10, and a more
> traditional 2 CPU Sparc V240 when testing 1.3.11).
> I hope I have some time to check older versions, like 1.3.9 etc. and
> maybe also older apr (pool) versions to see, whether I can narrow down
> the reason. Unfortunately until now, I could only reproduce the two
> problems (unterminated loop, crash) when doing the testing as part of
> the mass building, which takes time (a couple of hours). When running
> testall after building even in loops, I could not reproduce the problems
> ...
I can only add that I get also sporadic segfaults (invalid mem access) 
on NetWare with CodeWarrior compiler; and since otherwise httpd works 
fine when comsuming same APR/APU I believe that something is wrong with 
our test suite - it seems to me that it doesnt behave correctly in case 
of errors, I mean that not allways return codes of a fucntion failure 
are tested, and the test then runs into next function call with 
paramters being NULL or something like that ...
also I believe that we fixed some of these already in 2.0 but not yet 
though I had not the time yet to check into this deeper ...
anyway, I see no regression for NetWare - the failing tests are same as 
with last release, so:

+1 for NetWare
builds and runs fine with APR-1.4.2-dev / httpd 2.2.18-dev.


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