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From Guenter Knauf <fua...@apache.org>
Subject Re: To tag apr 1.4.3/-util 1.3.11?
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 14:07:55 GMT
Am 08.04.2011 08:02, schrieb William A. Rowe Jr.:
> Jeff, I've lost your thread, probably because it's half at httpd.
> Just so you know, I did get to spend my hours yesterday and today on 2008R2
> with Visual Studio 2010 - mostly on the tasks of rebuilding a VM to which
> I had lost the admin password (damn 'password constraints').
> I would like to spend some time tomorrow and Saturday morning wrapping up
> all our work, I have Steve's work ready to commit and will at least ensure
> Bert's suggestions are adopted, if not a wholesale fix to //unc/vol issues.
> Guenter, you have also make a ton of adjustments - are your changes ready
> to fly?
Regarding netware:
yes sir - all builds nicely, and I can now compile NetWare targets on 
Linux for all APR/APU and httpd HEAD/2.2.x versions.

Regarding windows:
I would like to cleanup some stuff in apr:
it makes no sense to me that we duplicate HAVE_* in arch/apr_private.h 
for which we have already APR_HAVE_* in apr.h[w] ...

and comments on that?

oh, and another bad thingy I found with APR on Windows is that ugly 
redefining of all the SIG* defines in apr_private.h - it simply doesnt 
work as it should, that means it only depends on the order of includes:
if signal.h is included before apr_private.h then the wanted redefine 
happens, the other turn signal.h defines win which is not what is 
desgined as I guess; I found this with OpenWatcom which does not allow 
redefining macros ... (at least not with different values)
any idea how to workaround this issue properly?
I think that the only clean way would be to define our own APR_SIG* 
macros and use these, but that would then affect all platforms :-(


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