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From Guenter Knauf <fua...@apache.org>
Subject Re: svn:eol-style for autoconf stuff
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 15:48:52 GMT
Hi Bill,
Am 15.02.2011 04:17, schrieb William A. Rowe Jr.:
> What you are proposing is overkill, handling textual information as a binary
overkill?? I just ask for changing a svn format in the repo for a 
handful of files which need on _all_ platforms to be LF - isnt the 
svn:eol-style setting exactly for this purpose?
> resource, and I'm strongly -1 (if you hadn't noticed).
oh, I got that - but nevertheless I would like that you explain to me on 
a technical aspect why my suggestion is bad and inacceptable; what you 
posted so far does not explain where you expect real problems, but 
sounds more like your personal dislike, and I believe that this is 
irrelevant for an ASF project.

Also it *seems* a bit to me that you didnt really think about what I 
exactly proposed, and what it will cause, therefore I summarize it again 
below ...

change all *.sh, *.m4, buildconf* and configure* scripts to 
'svn:eol-style LF'
a svn checkout will allways treat these files with LF format regardless 
of what svn thinks is native for the platform, and this seems correct to me.

side effect:
the _only_ side effect would be that it is then _required_ on windows to 
use a developer editor which supports LF formated files for editing 
autoconf files; but I cant imagine that anyone developing on windows 
platform uses an editor which is not aware of LF formatted files. For 
_all_ other platforms there would be no change since they anyway default 
to 'svn:eol-style LF'.


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