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From Daniel Pocock <dan...@pocock.com.au>
Subject Re: new project using APR: dynalogin two-factor authentication
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2011 18:30:01 GMT

William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:
> On 12/7/2010 2:21 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> Some time ago, I wrapped some of the code from the HOTP toolkit into a
>> modular client/server solution, which I've decided to release here:
>> http://www.dynalogin.org/
>> APR was chosen as part of the project; mainly because I had some experience with
it from
>> the Ganglia project, and it solves a number of problems for a C programmer.
>> I believe the licensing is compatible with dynalogin (GPL v3) - if anyone has any
>> or concerns, it is most welcome.
>> Thanks to all those who have contributed to APR and provided useful building blocks
>> this project.
> On behalf of the devs, you are most welcome, we are glad to hear about new adoption!
> The best way to return the favor by any of the APR consumers would be to review the
> trunk, APR (-util has been merged in), and provide feedback of what API's need to be
> binary compatibility broken when we evolve to 2.0.
> If there is anything that really aught to be changed, now is the time to voice those
> sorts of concerns, so that the project can release 2.0 in the near-to-mid future :)
I'll put that on the roadmap for the testing program

There are some other dependencies going through similar change (e.g. the 
new OATH-toolkit) and I'm planning to put them through their paces at 
the same time, with a set of test cases that haven't eventuated yet.

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