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From Stefan Ruppert ...@myarm.com>
Subject apr_file_*() threading issues under Windows!
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 12:34:54 GMT
Hi all,

after digging into the apr_file_*() source code for Windows I have found 
several issues regading file io and threading under Windows.

In general is there a document which explains which functions are 
thread-safe and which not?

* Allocation of pOverlapped structure is not thread-safe (readwrite.c):

The allocation of the pOverlapped structure is not guarded by a mutex,
thus this can lead into undefined behavior (memory leak, resource leak
(CreateEvent)) if two threads enters apr_file_read()/apr_file_write()
at the same time!

Why not allocating this structure within apr_file_open() if XTHREAD was 

* Usage of the mutex is not consistent.

Sometimes it is used with if(thefile->flags & APR_FOPEN_XTHREAD) and
sometimes without such an condition!

* apr_file_flush() for flushing the buffer does not use the mutex at all!

* apr_file_buffer_set() is broken (buffer.c).

The mutex is unconditionally used within apr_file_buffer_set(). But a
mutex is only created within apr_file_open() if APR_FOPEN_APPEND or
APR_FOPEN_BUFFERED is specified.

Also the docs of apr_file_buffer_set() documents that someone can
later add APR_FOPEN_BUFFERED support by calling it. But a mutex is
not created if it was not created by apr_file_open()!

* The preprocessor APR_HAS_THREADS inconsistently used.

Within filedup.c APR_HAS_THREADS is used to compile out some calls
to the apr_thread_*() functions and sometimes it is not used.

Any comments?


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